About us

Founded in 1996, the RONAX Consortium is one of the main Purchasers in the Plastic Industry.
We negotiate annually for our members 118 000 Tons of raw Plastic Material. We develop 150 to 200 molds abroad, and we negotiate the necessary means for operating roughly 60 plants belonging to our members throughout the world.

With RONAX, our members have better leverage to improve their competitiveness and profitability.

RONAX is a fantastic framework to share and pool experiences.

Our Philisophy


• To come together to :
– Reach a critical size to achieve economies of scale
– Have the markets understand the needs of our members
– Develop long term partnership,
– Bring support facing the challenges of Globalization

• While ensuring
– The companies own Identities and Data Privacy

• And putting forward
– The technical skills and direct expertise exchanges between our selected suppliers and each of our members.

• Our Modus Operandi :
– RONAX negotiate all terms of Purchase to meet the needs of the Members. The members manage orders and supplies from the suppliers who bill them directly.

– On the basis of consolidated volumes RONAX negotiates with its partners year-end discounts that are entirely transferred to its members.

-RONAX is operating thanks to contributions based on the business of its members.

Does our economic and industrial Model interest you ?.

• Are you in the Plastic Industry ? (small and medium size company)

Do you adhere to our Values ?


Our mission

EIG RONAX’s mission is to contribute to the Plastic Industry companies competitiveness through:
• Setting up common Services
• Costs Purchasing Optimization of Goods and Services
• Reducing operating costs of the company

Our Values

• Trust
• Exchanges
• Rigor
• Solidarity
• Confidentiality
• Rationalization
• Compliance with competition
• Discipline
• Standardization
• Respect of the difference
• Transparency
• Long term

Our areas of intervention

• Purchasing negotiation
• Platform supply of raw materials
• Expertise consolidation

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